Sports Industry Program

The Brauer Sports Industry Program is built around student participation in 4 key elements:

Conditioning – the undertaking of activities based around fitness and strength and conditioning in the Brauer High Performance Centre. This allows students to build on the fitness knowledge developed in the program over a number of years

Skill Development – Students choose from one of Brauer’s existing sports academies to work on Skill Development.

Community links – the Ambassador Model: students work in the community as College representatives.

Sports Industry Education – Students explore higher education in sport through links with Deakin University including opportunities to visit the Deakin campus.

The program is available to all students Years 7 – 12 and provides the following :

  • Access to a new fitness centre and training facilities
  • Admission to a chosen sporting academy
  • Opportunities to explore Deakin Universities facilities and programs
  • Development of skills & knowledge in a range of sport and fitness areas

Applications are made through the Subject Selection process each year, students may need to provide a formal application using the forms available below.

Please contact the SIP coordinator, Danielle Higgins with any questions.

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SIP Form

Personal Referee Information

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