SEALP placements are awarded on achievement in the ACER External Examination, teacher recommendations and your application.

Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program (SEALP)

Places are available to students who may benefit from taking part in an Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program (SEALP), commencing in their first year of secondary education by virtue of their capacity and aptitude for accelerated learning.

The SEALP application form is available below along with a link to register your interest in SEALP Testing. Brauer College will be in contact with families to arrange testing.

For specific SEALP enquiries please contact Andrew Hallett or on 5560 3888.

What is SEALP?

SEALP differs from the mainstream curriculum in that it provides for:

  • A more challenging learning environment with a faster paced curriculum which is not repetitive;
  • In depth coverage of essential learning;
  • An opportunity to work with more complex and more abstract course material;
  • Further enrichment for students with high level skills in particular academic fields;
  • An opportunity to work cooperatively with peers of similar ability.

How does SEALP work?

SEALP students are accelerated through the Middle School Vertical Curriculum program, providing the opportunity to complete additional units in their preferred discipline and/or gain early access to VCE subjects. These additional subjects will increase student tertiary ranking and provide advantage in gaining admission into University and other Tertiary providers.

Click the button to download the file. The downloaded file can be opened in Acrobat Reader 8.0 or newer and filled electronically or printed and completed by hand.

2021 SEALP Virtual Information Night
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