Debating and Public Speaking

Brauer College has a very strong tradition in the art of debating and public speaking. Every student receives instruction and participates in a range of debating and public speaking activities.

The focus is on providing students with the skills, practical experience and confidence that naturally comes from being part of a school community where oral communication skills are valued and encouraged within a friendly and supportive environment.  The school is proud of its strong public speaking and debating program.


This encompasses participation in the Warrnambool Eisteddfod, as well as public speaking competitions run by:

  • the Rostrum Club
  • the Lions Club
  • the Apex Club

The school also participates in the Debating Association of Victoria competition in Ballarat and the mooting competition run by Bond University.


In these Brauer College has produced national, state and regional winners, an achievement out of all proportion to its size and location.

Annually, over 500 students participate in the school’s programs or in the extra curricular activities associated with it. This programme is ably supported by a team of committed and enthusiastic teachers.


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