Year 7 Transition

How to enrol for year 7 2024?

If your child if currently attending a non-Government school

Step 1

Download the Year 7 2024 Enrolment Form here

Step 2

Return completed form by Friday 12th May to Brauer College in person or via email to

If your child is currently attending a government school

Step 1

Your current Primary School will provide you with an ‘Application for Year 7 Placement 2024’ Form.

Step 2

Return this form to your Primary School by their Requested date.

A welcome letter will be mailed to students who have been offered a year 7 2024 placement on thursday 20th July

Key Enrolment Dates

Wednesday 19th July

Government Primary Schools inform parents/carers of their secondary school placement offers

Thursday 20th July

Welcome pack from Brauer College mailed out to Grade 6 students accepted for enrolment

Monday 14th August

Registration for SEALP Testing online

Thursday 17th August

SEALP Testing at Brauer College, 9:15am

Friday 18th August

Applications for SEALP and SIP to be returned to Brauer College

Friday 6th October

Applications for Scholarships to be returned to Brauer College

Tuesday 28th November

Information evening at Brauer College for 2024 enrolled Year 7 families

Monday 11th & Tuesday 12th December

Orientation Days

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