Year 7

What it looks like at Brauer

Students in Year 7 complete a range of compulsory subjects throughout their first year at secondary school, which lays a sound base of experience and achievement in all Key Learning Areas, and allows for considered subject selection in future years. The following table illustrates the subjects that students will undertake in Year 7.

All students are given personal subject timetables to assist them to be at the right place at the right time; timetables should be kept safely in Student Planners, and it is advisable to make a copy to be displayed prominently at home.

Subject Structure

Core Subjects (Whole Year)
5 English
3 History and Geography (SOSE)
5 Maths
3 Science
2 Personal Development: Physical Education
2 Personal Development: Sport
1 Personal Development: Learning For Living

Semester Subjects
3 LOTE (Japanese)
2 The Arts: Music
2 The Arts: Drama
3 The Arts: Art
2 Technology: Food Technology
2 Technology: Woodwork
2 Technology: Computer Studies (ICT)
2 Technology: Textiles

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