Parent Payment Information

Essential education items, optional items and voluntary donations

Essential education items are used in the course of instruction of the standard curriculum program. Families are responsible for paying for these items. Families can either choose to purchase them directly, or pay the school to provide them. Essential education items include essential services associated with, but not considered to be part of, instruction of the standard curriculum program, such as costs associated with excursions which students are expected to attend (e.g. transport and entrance costs), and materials that the individual student takes possession of or consumes.

Optional items are items that are provided in addition to the standard curriculum program, and which are offered to all students. Optional items are provided on a user-pays basis.

There are also some voluntary donations that each family is invited to make to the College. These donations are encouraged by school council and assists with improvements to the grounds, facilities, infrastructure (ie Buildings, Furniture, Smart boards, Blinds, Air conditioners) and equipment that Brauer College cannot provide from government funds it receives.

2021 Parent Payment Arrangements

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