Install Microsoft 365

To install and sign in to Microsoft Office 365 for FREE follow the below instructions.

  1. Download and run the following:

This is an installer package that will start the install of Office products on your Windows PC.

This file is the entire Office install for Mac (1.8GB). It will take a while to install but contains everything. Please ensure you have the space available on your device.

  1. Once installed, please locate your DET (Department of Education and Training) username and password. This can be found on your login details sticker and/or in your @brauer email inbox. Your DET username is different to your school @brauer username. Your DET username will look something like this:
  1. Once you have your DET login, open Word and Sign In with your DET login.

Now you are logged in. You can sign into Office on up to 5 devices with your DET account. From your account you can logout of devices that are no longer being used, if you need to login on a new device.

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