Drone Technologies

Drones are being integrated into the curriculum at Brauer College, these include mapping in SOSE, aerial photography and in the future flight training.

Sphero Rumble

Students are to build a something around a Sphero that allows them to attach a fully inflated balloon at floor level and offensive device/s to burst their opponents’ balloon. They can’t attach anything directly to the Sphero. Students choose a design process that guides them to adequately research, think critically and creatively, and develop through multiple…

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Rube Goldberg

Brauer College science students over-engineer their solutions

3D Manufacturing

  Brauer College students use 3D design principals and produce their models in a range to subjects. These include Year 7 Science through to Year 12 VCAL.

Robotics Academy

Moat Boat Paddle Battle

The first Collaborative Enquiry cycle for 2016 was the Moat Boat Paddle Battle. This activity was a part of the Year 8 Materials and Force class and aimed to create a practical application for students to show their understanding of different forces while at the same time developing their skills in 3D printing and design…

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