School Profile and History

School Profile

Brauer College is a large co-educational secondary school with a population of approximately 700 students offering an extensive academic and co-curricular program.

Brauer College aims to provide an effective and challenging education for all of its students. There is an emphasis on excellence but also recognition of the range of needs of different students. This is achieved through diverse academic experiences and an extensive extra curricular program. The curriculum offerings are broad, commencing with a dynamic and innovative middle years program that provides a sound base for the extensive offerings within the Later Years.

The school promotes a strong sense of school identity and pride, and all students are required to wear a uniform.

The school also has an outdoor education centre based at Dunkeld at the foothills of the Grampians which is used extensively by yrs 7-9 students.

An emphasis is placed on encouraging all students to participate in wide ranging inter, and intra school sports programs offered by the staff of the College. Students are also supported in the pursuit of other co-curricular activities such as debating, drama/theatre, dance, musical productions and art exhibitions.

Brauer College is a community that fosters active citizenship and an appreciation of scholastic and co-curricula achievement.

Brauer College is located in Warrnambool, a regional city in the southwest of Victoria with a population of around 30,000 and draws students from both the city and surrounding areas.

Its long history gives it a special place in both the local community and Victorian education. The school was founded as Warrnambool Technical School in 1911 and was situated on a number of sites prior to moving to the Caramut Rd location in 1974. In 1989 the name was changed from Warrnambool Technical College to Brauer College after a local doctor who was a significant benefactor to the school over a long period of time (Dr Alfred Brauer).




School History

Warrnambool Technical School to Brauer College

Brauer College was founded in 1911 as the Warrnambool Technical School. The school was originally located in Timor Street (currently the South West Institute of TAFE building). Warrnambool Technical School’s principal Mr. John King commenced enrolling pupils in late July 1911.

In 1913 the School Council was established which marks the official beginning of the Warrnambool Technical School. By early August 1913, 66 art students, 56 commercial students and 12 chemistry and science students had made applications. During the first four years, one thousand students were enrolled and despite a shortage of teachers and lack of equipment, the school flourished. During 1919-1920 a workshop complex was built and a number of additional classrooms were added.

After 13 years of agitation and difficulty, the opening of the school frontage buildings at Timor Street occurred on 15th May, 1926, at a cost of approximately ten thousand pounds ($20,000). Early 1929 saw a further proposal to make additions to school buildings. By 1929, a total of 21 teachers were on staff. Until 1945, when the control of the college was taken over by the Education Department, everything was in the hands of the School Council.

The 1960s could justifiably be called the boom years in the history of the Warrnambool Technical School. Boom in staff, students, and buildings. In 1958 there had been 540 students; in 1960 enrolment rose to 860 and by 1963 – the Jubilee year, it topped 1,700. After 40 years service with the Education Department and 13 years as Principal, Mr Bernie Conry retired in December 1968.


The Annexe

In February 1962, boys in Forms 1 and 2 occupied the building known as the Old High School. The Annexe continued to operate until the end of 1972. At its peak in 1971, there were Years 7 and 8 students and Year 9 boys, totalling 350.

In 1973, all secondary students moved to the new Caramut Road site. With all the buildings complete Mr. Thompson Minister for Education, was officially invited to open the new campus of the WTS on Friday 15th November, 1974.

In 1989 the WTS underwent a name change and adopted the name of Brauer College. The name Brauer was adopted after the distinguished, long serving and highly respected Warrnambool Doctor, Dr Alfred Brauer.

100 years after its tentative beginnings in temporary accommodation, Brauer College/WTS stands as a proud monument to all those associated with technical education in Warrnambool. As the genesis of three other education institutions in the city, Brauer College/WTS has served the urban and rural district with great distinction over the many decades of its existence.

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